No Weather Records Have Been Established For This Station Today as of 07/12/2020 9:14pm

Current Year Records

Data collected since 01/01/2020


Temperature Records

Highest Temperature 97.7°F 7/10/2020
Lowest Temperature 1.8°F 2/14/2020
Highest Heat Index 111.4°F 7/9/2020
Lowest Wind Chill -8.9°F 2/14/2020
Warmest Day (6am - 6pm) 92.2F Jun-10-2020
Warmest Night (6pm - 6am) 80.0F Jul-08-2020
Coldest Day (6am - 6pm) 9.3F Feb-14-2020
Coldest Night (6pm - 6am) 7.3F Feb-15-2020

Wind Records

Maximum Wind Gust 41.2 mph 1/12/2020
Highest Average Speed 23.7 mph 3/29/2020
Highest Daily Wind Run 230.2 miles 3/20/2020

Rainfall Records

Highest Daily Rainfall 1.69 in 7/11/2020
Highest Rainfall Rate 0.120 in/min 7/11/2020
Consecutive Days With Rainfall 5 Days Ending: 1/1
Consecutive Days Without Rainfall 14 Days Ending: 2/10

Humidity Records

Highest Humidity 99% 1/11/2020
Lowest Humidity 22% 5/5/2020
Highest Dewpoint 77.2°F 7/9/2020
Lowest Dewpoint -2.0°F 2/15/2020

Barometer Records

Highest Barormeter 1046.5 mb 1/17/2020
Lowest Barometer 989.3 mb 4/13/2020
This table is reflective of this years data from this station located in Lockport, NY.
This is not official scientific data. The weather data presented here is based on data collected since January 2010.
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