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Custom Scanner Programming And Premium Niagara County Paging Service


I will custom program any capable scanner new or used for you with the following features.

1- Upgrade scanner to the latest firmware

2- Install the entire Niagara County digital system ( or any other county) plus any extra channels you would like.

3- If your scannner is playing garbled channels it was programmed incorrectly and i will correct that problem.

4- Delete all of the extra channels that are not needed.

5- Create banks so you will be able to easily turn on and off indvidual channels or departments.

6- Your scanner will display exacty what radio is talking with my personal radio id file which has over 2200 radio id numbers programmed.

7- When i am done i will show you how to use your scanner and answer any questions you have.

8- I will have your scanner programmed in 1 hour and i will print out your custom list of channels.

9- If your scanner is a Radio Shack & you let them program it,you are missing things and you won't have much control of the scanner. I can also fix that for you

Here are the scanners in order that i recommend that can receive the Niagara County Digital system.

Here are the scanners in order that i recommend that can receive the Niagara County Digital system.

1 Uniden- SDS100,SDS200,BCD536HP,BCD436HP,BCD325P2,BCD996P2

2 Unication- G5

3 Whistler- WS1040,WS1065 These are older and do not decode the digitals as well as the Unidens

4 Radio Shack- PRO-651,PRO-652 These are older and do not decode the digitals as well as the Unidens

There are a few others that will work but in my testing they do not work very well.

If your scanner has a zip code mode method do NOT use it. You will get 100's of extra channels from miles away that you will have no interest in. Also you will have very little control with turning things on and off and you wil end up missing most of the things that you reallly want to hear.

North Tonawanda Police now has their own separate channel. If I have already programmed your scanner you will need it updated to have it display correctly and to be able to able to toggle that channel off and on.

Click the link to message me on the Niagara County Fire Wire page for pricing of any other questions.Message Niagara County Fire Wire

Here is a list of the channels you will receive with the Niagara County digital system

Fire Dispatch

Fire Tac 1-6.

Fire EMS Tac

Fire Police

Fire Announce

Sheriff Dispatch *

Sheriff Data

Sheriff Secondary

Sheriff Ops 1-2

Sheriff Emergency Revert

Sheriff Announce

LE County 1-4

Lockport Police

North Tonawanda Police

NYS Park Police

Fire Department 1-4

Public Safety 1-4

County Wide 1-4

County Highway

Towns of Cambria,Niagara,Wheatfield Highway

Towns of Lockport,Pendleton,Royalton Highway

Towns of Newfane,Somerset Highway

Towns of Lewiston,Porter,Wilson Highway

All Villages of Niagara County Highway

Sheriff to Highway

* Sheriif also dispatches for the following on the main dispatch channel- Barker PD,Lewiston PD, Middleport PD,Town of Niagara PD,NYS PD,Somerset PD,Youngstown PD

NEW Premium Niagara County Paging Service

If you would like to receive every or certain fire department calls that are dispatched by Niagara County Fire Control sent to you in MP3 audio to your Twitter or sent to your email.

Real time voice alerts

With notifications turned on you can turn your phone or computer into a pager

Twitter or e-mail alerts with audio message attached

Your Choice to receive certain fire departments or all of them

Archived Audio History on Twitter

Ideal if you do not want to listen or carry a scanner all day or just want to know what is going on in your neighborhood

Message me on the Niagara County Fire Wire Facebook page for more details